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Walker Ryan

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Made it to Okinawa!! @haltacdesu hooking it up here showing us the way with some rice tacos. Where you at @antclaravall ??

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Walker Ryan
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antclaravall 1368318729
Me @rodrigotx and @miles_silvas are in Macau, but I wish we were on the beach in Oki with you guys! Have fun!
jaymeador 1368326667
Damn, @antclaravall had I known you were in Macau, I would have gone! I'm going to HK tmw instead. Shiiit! @walkerryan you just cant escape restaurants with orange trays!
antclaravall 1368333191
How long will you be in HK @jaymeador? I'll be there tmrw too!
maaachilla 1368343286
Come to baba skate park
jaymeador 1368372235
@antclaravall I'm arriving tmw night, I'll hit you up on Tuesday. Still got the same number?
antclaravall 1368372771
Fack @jaymeador, we out tuesday morning
jaymeador 1368372983
That really sucks! But maybe I'll catch you in GZ later this week @antclaravall
antclaravall 1368373202
For sure @jaymeador!!
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