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Chaz Ortiz

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We up in Yankee Stadium @zooyorkofficial! Wouldn't it be sick to skate in here? #NYCTakeOver

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Chaz Ortiz
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aaron.frm 1368240251
giannuzzi_619 1368243440
So sick
benjamin_lonnen 1368262262
Lov'n it @steezortiz
khaisyazwan 1368387066
You should totally teach me how to skate on turf...
erickpinedaa_ 1368569448
@aaronxsanchez haha ugh no! Look at this one. Now go look at the other one smart one.
aaroncm84 1368575924
@erick_loves_lifee you don't know anything about graffiti, "smart one", no marker can get that big, and he can't sneak into a stadium to do that anyways. It's an ad.
erickpinedaa_ 1368576141
@aaronxsanchez Who said they did that with a marker? Cause I sure didn't. But fuck it , I'll agree with you , it's "Totally not possible" haha , peace.
superpowerfaust 1369982731
"Hey Ortiz I would love to see you in a @vierichecompany piece! What is your email? Lets get something over to you ASAP"
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