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Jeff Lenoce

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#tbt @braydonsza @kevinspankylong @sluggerdist

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Jeff Lenoce


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___c_o_l_o_g_n_e___ 1368170687
coughing up on my smith grinds? @maxcouling
maxcouling 1368170763
Fuk hahaha @cologneboyhd
sexskateboards 1368173975
dreadsmang 1368192099
kserdjenian 1368376129
Jeff its serjrock I just got up on all my technology. Member when I was fightin that kid behind rainbow room and right when I had him down in a headlock with his arm pinned to start smashing him I realized my neck was broke? Lol I'm all "you had enough?" But I hadn't even really started poundn him. Lol I had to get off cuz my neck hurt so bad lol
kserdjenian 1368376186
Well anyways my dude I got IG now and am starting to post all my tracks on soundcloud and my new FB page "serjrock retrospective" so peep it out
jrgscbr 1369020939
tallibond 1380224262
It looks like @leespielman haha
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