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Max Schaaf

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Dear ol dad. The hardest working man I know. Sometime in the very early 70's with my older brother. W. Virginia river romping. #family #telephonelineman #needsasandwhich #daisydukes

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Max Schaaf
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sonofuhbeach 1368474967
Dig it. Well if u ever make it back out. We'll honor it in proper fashion.
4q69 1368510263
Sounds good @ftwkid
4q69 1368757647
@jessicacaisse one million yrs later, good seeing u too.!
ara_v 1369541420
Dad was my hero untill i became a man. Then we get older and we dont believe in heros any longer. I became a man thx to my old man.
4q69 1369584502
@ara_v for sure
4q69 1369584530
@ara_v awesome
jay_josephson 1388562457
nice one.
greengatefarmer1665 1424223892
@4q69 Any idea where in WV? Also, folks, we are our own state. Since 1863. Virginia may be for lovers but West Virginia is the Best Virginia!
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