Photo from tyler_hunger

Throwback #shithead #thisfuckeriscomingbacktoflorida #weareallfucked #justplayin haha @caleb_gibson1

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_calebgibson 1368150542
@tyler_hunger hey fuck head give me a shout out my nigga
tyler_hunger 1368150754
Fool what do you think this is⬆. Ya your welcome lol @caleb_gibson1
million_10 1368150776
U are coming back when ¿¿ @caleb_gibson1
_calebgibson 1368150834
@tyler_hunger he will beat me. And you so will you I've seen your video !! Shits insane and @million_10 um summer probably but it might just be for the summer idk yet
_calebgibson 1368150848
@tyler_hunger nigga this Aint no shout out bitch well I guess it kinda is
million_10 1368150861
O cool bra @caleb_gibson1
ericmatias1 1368495939
@tyler_hunger where's my shout out
tyler_hunger 1368496129
Bitch you have 10k on your @eric_matias1 account. Use that one
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