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What does this mean? Can you help me understand it? #baa


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vinceisking 1368134577
misterandre 1368140295
@mccranker to live trill is to live by a certain g-code. Yolo is just some ignorant knuckleheaded excuse to wild out w no responsibilities. Be trill @mccranker, be trill.
pigiondave 1368147408
crawdadmccray 1368153304
connyfranko 1368162153
@woesph_douglas my dood!
Trill was a term coined by U.G.K in the early 90's, a statement on how you lead your life. Listen to there first album. #shorttexas
theinnernet 1369608130
@xfit24 as real as the streets!
kwotemusic 1371626607
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