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#FROSTBUMP πŸ‘‰ @mikeytaylor1 @alexmidler @ben_nordberg @darylangel @currencaples @kellyhart @chaseingabor @danny_montoya @davidloy @neexpico @thejoeface @chrisweigele @d_serr @gavinnolan1 @johanstuckey @cashmathieu @uglylui and follow @_steezuschrist & @mikeytaylor1 πŸ‘ˆ

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j_mes19 1368072684
Fuck they forgot you agin @erickoston @fgustavoo
bennadamskyzer 1368073096
maryisamontoya 1368086167
@erickoston I got hot by a car today, come visit me.
insta_emery 1368115381
Why is there only one black guy there you white shit
jacksonarendt 1368118512
@insta_emery koston is Thai American fool. Get your racism right.
deactivatediguess 1368147319
man_nahtan 1368151290
I have the same birthday as u! @erickoston i'm soo happy
demon623 1374230508
Haha look at little Cash
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