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The price tag on these 1987 #Etnies says 109 Francs. How much is that today @clicheskate?!

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Don Brown
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lud_of_the_dead 1370016506
109 francs is about 20 $...
don_brown 1370020667
Thanks @lud_of_the_dead !!
lud_of_the_dead 1370028442
Do you know what model is it? But I don't think it's from 87, in 87 it still was called Etnics, it became Etnies later (due to aconflict with another brand called Etonic... but I could be wrong, it's a long time ago)
don_brown 1370028576
Reference no.AE-012 ... BMX - Bigsurf
don_brown 1370028591
@lud_of_the_dead ^^^
lud_of_the_dead 1370029744
Oh yes! Of course, I remember well! Haha! So, from wikipedia, etnics became etnies in 87! So I started skate earlier than I thought!
don_brown 1370029958
Yeah it was just the first year that Etonics called it out @lud_of_the_dead !!
don_brown 1372188939
@bink156 ... just saw the graphic designer that created the box and he said you were spot on... even the reverse image! good job!!!
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