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Chico Brenes

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Trunk Boyz Puerto Rico.. @chocolateskateboards #TBPR @kahana_tarshishi @steviiep #ElijahBerle #Mayagüez

chicobrenes Instagram profile picture
Chico Brenes
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flip_gcode 1368040741
#Ponce @chicobrenes
donne_spliff 1368045126
Pro as fuck
a_maytee 1368045214
devine_calloway 1368049475
Yeah cheeks! Miss ya mane, hope you and the boys are killing it out there! @chicobrenes #trunktup#turntup#wishiwasthere
chicobrenes 1368050291
Yeaaa @devine_calloway What's good G. Boys are having a blast, hope all is good with you..
hankco 1368053884
puertorico reppin!!!
mariaolaiz 1368058121
Someone tell Elijah to make a goddamn Instagram already! Everybody just hash tags his name ahaha
devine_calloway 1368129288
Hell yeahh cheeks thanks for hitting me back brotha! I'm Doing good just working a grip and getting ready for my little one that I got on the way. Hit me up when you get back, wanna come down and rip with y'all! Have a good rest of the trip my dude! Talk to you soon, peace
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