Photo from anthony_schultz

This lady just straight up punked us for our umbrella and shade! Thought it was weird she wasn't sitting in her #bumspot today @matterdoggg

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getsome_ 1368039977
Believe it or not that lady has some serious money in the bank. Her Russian dude died back in the day and left her with stacks #vista
anthony_schultz 1368040117
Most definitely #vista that's nuts
austin_ayub 1368040270
@getsome_ correction husband used to beat the shit outta her left her in the states took everything now she's crazy #usedtobeaballer
getsome_ 1368040367
@austin_ayub ah shit don't surprise me
metalhealth 1368040430
Hate that crazy whore
anthony_schultz 1368040495
She says he's Romanian @getsome_
getsome_ 1368040618
@anthony_schultz I knew it was something with an R. She told me a bunch of shit at that Starbucks a long time ago.
tomkarangelov 1368552985
Agreed! #thebest
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