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It's bin 3 months since you passed coach. Everyone still misses you like crazy and school isn't the same without you. Have fun having no worries and skating gods skate plaza. You deserve it. #coachdan

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unloved.fetus 1368018295
@__sammieeeeee__ is a whore, that's why.
_arimarin_ 1368050528
why did you put thet
_arimarin_ 1368050532
tyler_hunger 1368050635
Put what
alyssarichtmyer 1368054391
just correcting your grammer, stop tagging sammie. its not really fucked up.
alyssarichtmyer 1368054657
@dj_dr_philth sammie didnt put that.. i did.
tyler_hunger 1368055945
Well it's messed up to do it on a post like this
bugzy941 1368152709
We miss you coach dan!
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