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Lizard King

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Lizard King
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legendary_js 1368102134
This is so awesome
liv_wild 1368142332
Hey. So I met your mom too.. At my sisters wedding.. She's the fcuking shxt. Aand ur dad aand ur brother too. I called them bob squared loll me aand your mom had drinks and danced!! Shes so much fun hahh she told me about you and showed me pictures aand told me to hit you lmao Hahh she's Jed Carter's aunt.. So i guess that makes you jeds cousin aand jed married my sister rachel Aand we were all pretty disappointed u client make it to the wedding. Hahah anyways so I'm saying hiiiii like she told me too :]] how's it going on your end of the world?? :P rawrr!!
liv_wild 1368142453
Hit you up* couldn't* ..I hate auto correct blahh
nickischill 1368566418
Bearded dragon
ohogan97 1368617627
@bigbizliz you should try a ballistic deathwish board they are unreal
buttttuz 1373770446
Love the beard grow it out longer and you could be the new slash!
jedcarter 1374355162
bigvell1 1376092917
Grizzly adams
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