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Check out the New Balance Team intro vid @newbalancenumeric newbalancenumeric.com

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m00tang 1367875319
New Balance !! 👍 good ol' 90s shit. Lil kids hating on this don't know what's up
bohnsonphoto 1367875344
Damn ur a creep @znerjardi u actually went into his photos to see what kind if shoes he has.
saiz5412 1367876833
marcbuis93 1367883703
Let's make that video! And im still waiting on the @planbofficial video!
flatianni 1367903119
So awesome
ineedthemrims 1368200955
What yall fail to realize is New Balance ISNT a megacorp like Nike. Its a privately owned shoe company out of Boston which is why @pjladd signed on. I give this the seal of approval, question now is when are the shoes gonna be available...
1101grams 1369693662
Id be so down, put me on the team @pjladd
veggie661 1399181358
Still got that beard @pjladd ?
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