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Trent Mcclung riding shape #14 - 8.0" eLEment collab skateboard, Royal IV Daryl Angel 5.0 Mid trucks, Bones medium bushings, Bones 51mm wheels, Andale Swiss bearings, Diamond 7/8 hardware and Mob Grip. @trentmcclung

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Ronnie Creager


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king_jewlian 1367781603
It's not like he has mob on every deck
martin_26_m 1367785649
@killer_kush626 actually if you're under a contract, you MUST ride their products or fined/ditched.
matty.kayyy 1367807333
Hey I'm getting a new board I need ideas for a setup so please post a pic and send a shout to me thanx
switchmitchsk8s 1368045110
@djcurryoke what size do you skate?
switchmitchsk8s 1368045170
@martinsthoughts @johnathann1 @lina_sk8_12 his Tampa page doesn't say filmbot .
martin_26_m 1368046179
@switchmitchsk8s I was just pointing out being sponsored by a company and the obligation you have to them
switchmitchsk8s 1368058855
@martinsthoughts oh okay. That's true I just added people I saw talkin about it haha
izzysplifff 1382455416
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