Photo from anthony_schultz

#Jhon about to meet an online date

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little.coop 1367650263
mogeyson 1367655563
Backin it
pat_burke_ 1367658215
What would be jhons description online? @anthony_schultz
getsome_ 1367668450
"Yo I wish I could dog, but I got this little shorty comin' through tonight. I met her on the Internet Chickenheads.com"
mclenninade 1367676943
@mcnuggets haha yes!
ronrauto 1367677436
Get conected - Plenty of Bish . Com?
moufadasouf 1367682024
_electric_ladyland 1367935346
😁 Hahahaha oh fuck and the rumors start. Good to meet you man! 😉
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