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This is happening @santospurr @carlkennedy @robinthescott

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rad_dan_ 1367642011
@jodia_love hahaha. You Better have gaga playin in tha back @robbierusso #pokerface
robbierusso 1367642731
Oh oh it's like that bitch @jodia_love
robbierusso 1367642742
Hahaha @rad_dan_
jodia_love 1367643759
Hahaha Boooom 👊✌💥
robbierusso 1367643790
Hahaa miss u man @jodia_love
jodia_love 1367643810
Reunited soon cuz!
brandobrubaker 1367645888
Yo I'm in AUS !!!! @robbierusso
robbierusso 1367664378
No shit!! @brandobrubaker lucky bastardo!!! Go hang with @bondibrody at his joint The Beaver in Bondi he'll look after ya
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