Photo from keithhufnagel

There were many awesome D.I.Y. photos submitted for the #hufpepperpro contest.@joeypepp picked one from @one_eye_wonder at the #lostbowl. Congrats and thanks to everyone who entered! Keep it D.I.Y. @activerideshop @hufworldwide!!

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space_doc 1367636640
georgehathaway 1367637994
321lifecamera 1367638218
kevinsotoasty 1367639004
junebughug 1367639568
Yeah I just saw that @georgehathaway
instajammy 1367642636
@keith_hufnagel come to richmond and skate with us
bungersayville 1367669304
@shmike_lent is that you with the rake?
randymcbowler 1367676146
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