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I'm flipping around a 7.75 x 31.6 (M10 - legal shape name) Blind O.G logo skateboard with lots of concave, Theeve 5.25 trucks with a TiKING baseplate & TiAX hanger, Bones "hard" bushings, Bones Creager STF - 51mm Rocker wheels, Andale Swiss bearings with the Bones washers in between, 7/8 phillips Monkey Business hardware and nothing but Mob Grip with a line scratched on the tail so I don't forget which way is forward. @ronniecreager

ronniecreager Instagram profile picture
Ronnie Creager
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ronniecreager 1367628928
@justboss33 it's a preference in feel and responsiveness that works for you.
topshelfchiefer 1367633321
You in shake junt now ?@ronniecreager
_monkeybusiness 1367635245
Perfect setup
tanguhlang 1367736877
Love that orange seal sticker
chadhargrove 1367782496
_minhpham 1377205401
w/ the bones washer in between. Love the details.
@ronniecreager weren't you running extra washers on the axles before?
izzyram3407 1404535494
Hi Ronnie! Dude I look up to you a lot! I thank God that my first skateboard was a Blind. 5 years later, I'm skating a Blind! I'm also sponsored 😁 I don't expect you to say anything back, I'm sure you get it all the time. Your just an amazing skater! God bless you dude @ronniecreager
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