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A is for @app_laye

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annikazablocka 1367608047
We 💗our A's!
nicholaschalmers 1367618340
A is for America. See you and @app_laye in about a month!!!
app_laye 1367620139
Defs @nicholaschalmers you have a place sorted? U can stay at ours
nicholaschalmers 1367620583
So amped! I think we do but it's always nice to know your place is open! Can't wait to see you two @app_laye xxxx
tywillyums 1367621272
@nicholaschalmers come to Maine.
nicholaschalmers 1367622728
Really? What's your email? Jules and I are going to be over between LA and NY for a monthish @tywillyums
tywillyums 1367623259
Bienworld@yahoo.com @nicholaschalmers do it.
nicholaschalmers 1367625771
Amping @tywillyums ...sorry for using your insty romance shot for a social wall haha @robbierusso
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