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Jamie Thomas

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visited the most amazing art studio today, V64; check it out if you're in bangkok | sculpture by Paitoon Jumee @fallenfootwear #roadlesstraveled

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Jamie Thomas
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potentone 1367566427
@jamiethomas you couldn't have put it in better words, keep it real, G
hoshjuntsman 1367568117
I only wish I was as blessed as you on the skateboard and all that it has brought you...but you are absolutely correct, much respect ✊ @jamiethomas
wearenotobscene 1367586365
kingdom_skate 1367590119
@jamiethomas is that at @themuska new gallery?
thewoozel 1367598093
@kingdom_skate read the caption...this dude isn't even in America right now
kingdom_skate 1367599505
@thewoozel I know I was just trying to get a response from @themuska about his gallery
thewoozel 1367621624
Dang and I ruined it...@kingdom_skate
cody_bomersine 1379912744
Nice Selfie man
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