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Bryan Herman

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Mr Pineapple enjoying the game with a fresh ice cold @saintarcherbrew and some crispy @happyhourshades get yours while you can! www.happyhourshades.com#whatsyourhappyhour

bherman Instagram profile picture
Bryan Herman
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shitbuck 1367548849
I had some @happyhourshades but then someone stole them, #Dick whoever it was
aliens8mycat 1367549114
um I can honestly say I'm obsessed with happy hours
wild_moose 1367549667
You're baked.
ortiznelson 1367549770
I'm really enjoying the Herman G6 shoes. Great design bro
everystew94 1367554625
@bherman just copped a couple fresh pairs of @happyhourshades !! Best shades ever!!! #whatsyourhappyhour
deeeks 1367560070
Swan gang up in the biatch
isaiahmayne 1367604996
@bherman u forgot to put thunder trucks up there
chris_harris_227 1367610184
@bherman what up man?
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