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Max Schaaf

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10 years ago I built my little 4Q bike. No vision going into it.... Just trying to put a bunch of parts together and learn to make parts for it. Truthfully I couldn't believe i owned a knucklehead motor. Bought a running pile down in Stockton for what now would be considered so cheap. The building of it seemed to unfold like some sort of dream. It was a time before blogs and message boards and I just had some books and magazines for inspiration, j, Jessee's garage as well. But mostly it was just me locked in my garage making so many mistakes, and learning from them. I even drove alone out to the Oakland HA clubhouse to ask for help.... Joking they said just leave the truck and the parts and we'll help you out...Whoa. But it was moments like those that I'm so glad happened. A balance of respect, patience, and being a clueless kook. The calm before the storm. Took the bike out yesterday.... Kinda forgot how strong it is, and how many memories poured out seated upon it with my hand on the throttle and wind on my face. #4q #oakland #times #2003

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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@miller714 dawd...
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Check her out @emma_wils 👌 x
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@barfers love this one
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Ruling @mfn_michele
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@waylons_cycles tire combo?
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