Photo from njskateshop

ginodurante 1367462894
I got a mini ramp to contribute if u want it
skatevr6 1367463795
@ginodurante we do use scrap wood to build the forms. The mini is disassembled? Can you contact me by email? Thanks. Bcedge80@gmail.com
grandparyan 1367499594
I got my van if you need it @skatevr6 ^
imnotgnarlow 1367533549
Can I have some directions? From Delaware and I'd love to support.
skatevr6 1367897147
@imnotgnarlow follow @660ramp or 660 ramp on FB. I believe we will have an open door day. Possibly this weekend.
johnvvilliams 1368043553
I know it's a little late but because of road work on the bridge, the foundation isn't skateable anymore. Not sure if its ever gonna be skateable ever again, but definitely not anytime soon. I drove past last Saturday and their was a lot of bulldozers and big trucks at the foundation
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