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Ben Fisher riding a 8" Chris Pastras Stereo skateboard, 8" Theeve trucks (1 hollow kingpin & 1 regular) with Bones medium bushings, Andale swiss bearings, Filmbot grip, Good Not Great washers, 7/8 allen hardware from a shop and Sml. 52mm Raymond Molinar wheels. @benfisherlb

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bobbykang_ 1367353357
You need a shoe sponsor!! Any thoughts yet?
hasselquist 1367353962
Whats up with one hollow and one solid kingpin?
sml_aaron 1367354754
Backing the sticker job 👍
benfisherlb 1367356480
@heelbruise @sml_wheels @katin_surfshop @puma @andale_bearings
brandonsickles 1367358046
Heel Bruise!
filmbotgrip 1367360324
Hellya!! @martinsthoughts @benfisherlb
jamie_mcollie 1367361544
When is the next contest?
wordonthestreet 1372034600
@plugahead pros get crazy precise about there set up ; read it
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