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oasis | thailand @fallenfootwear #roadlesstraveled

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Jamie Thomas
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victouraaron 1367304318
Been there! Love it.. Spend some time off the islands by Phuket and you will see some beauty.
bummer_time 1367308805
@chieftess @jamiethomas @bobbyearle Erewan falls near Kanchanaburi. There are 7 waterfalls and they're filled with little footsucking fish :) Great place...
bobbyearle 1367309256
@bummer_time erawan's amazing! But I THINK that is at Sai Yok (also in k'buri). Not sure but pretty sure :) I don't go to Sai Yok as often as erawan but I think that's it. Both places are amazing regardless!
random3333333390 1367309659
I'm going two Malaysia in the next school holidays
bummer_time 1367310304
@bobbyearle Never visited Sai Yok before so you could be right :) One the most amazing places I've ever seen.. Great pics man!
chieftess 1367326514
@bummer_time @bobbyearle @jamiethomas Thanks for the help! I'll be sure to check out both suggestions.
spreadthelove22 1367386995
yonniecruz 1367813955
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