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Thanks pittsburgh for letting creative life support be apart of the volunteers of America . We are honored

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chrisrayfilms 1367284537
brent003 1367284888
And the award goes to @ccbray
judah_findley 1367285519
Remember me @starheadbody me and my friend played rock paper sizzors for your board the day after tampa pro and i lostπŸ‘Ž haha i hope to see you again skating in your home state #fla #all #day πŸ‘πŸ‘. Keep on rippin
ccbray 1367318690
hahah. @brent003
ridawg98 1367353942
@starheadbody you and @chriscobracole are my favorite skaters I saw u both at the Nashville tn six ave demo and u guys have the best style , so I just wanted to say keep up the good work
ridawg98 1367354269
@starheadbody it also sucks because at the demo I didn't get ur auto graph because nyja Huston spilled his drink on u and u went to through it away so I missed ur it that suckedddddd
vanessastrickland 1367382768
@starheadbody I'm so happy you guys won!! You guys totally deserve this! 😊
blonde2day 1369314599
So freakin cool! Congrats πŸŽ‰
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