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Ryan Clements

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After 12 days in Brazil and three in KC, nothing was better than a session on the #dreamdriveway with @alejandirt (bs smith), @porpe, @jiwajata, @mannyrodriguez1, @shaqueefaog, Dustin, Jack, Treshan, and whomever else I'm forgetting.

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Ryan Clements
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jpgarciask8er 1367288072
Ohhhhh that is tooooo sick, ur house is happiest place on earth.... Hella fun
rtclem 1367289080
Yep, it sure is @jpgarciask8er! Haha.
jpgarciask8er 1367289185
Dope, hope u good
jennaclements 1367290574
@satansrune813 could of stayed if he did not drink the whole smoothie!
scottyb813 1367291947
@jennaclements yeah. Lame... Lol
rtclem 1367327115
I'm good @jpgarciask8er. You are welcome to come skate when you're in town. Hit me up on Facebook.
rtclem 1367327130
Oops...forgot @satansrune813. Ha.
jpgarciask8er 1367327655
Thnx! Have great day ✌
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