Photo from ethanloy

Thanks @glassysunhaters for one of the best trips I've been on. @mikemo @vincestagram @davidloy @ryrey @make_that_booty_clap @martymurawski @bighendawg @shawnhaleyeah @ericlongden @bartjones

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joeyabarca 1367283192
Bummed you guys are already gone.
ethanloy 1367285306
@joeyabarca I know we'll come back soon
krisburkhardt 1367285613
Who started the hat trend? Or was it a group decision?
instaglamorous 1367286706
You guys all look like woodie
instaglamorous 1367286767
Except for David he looks like Lewis/Clark
krisburkhardt 1367287063
@instaglamorous lol
maisiesteele 1367295036
Buncha beauty's
californiacondor 1385679070
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