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It's just a game isn't it? #ouija #ouijaboard #spirits #fun #ghosts #planchet #yea

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izzybella26 1367278413
We are going to play
zanieeee 1367279316
Invite me please.
stell.x 1367287475
i hate those so much. omg
dr_ymtorres 1367628686
jamieeib 1368246527
They aint a game, seance boards are really touching, when used in the correct manor :)
emjtorres 1368279046
Beleive me I know how to use it @jamieeib and I know it's not a game the comment was just to be dramatic lol but thanks for your concern !
jcarroll1011 1370736380
I have a really old wooden one! It used to be my grandmas when she was younger (:
emjtorres 1370746010
Ahh that's so cool @jcarroll1011 I'm jealous!!
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