Photo from pjladd

Backnb slide skating 12 and A a few months back. NYC. @planbofficial @newbalancenumeric @brickharbor #supreme

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welcomebackkotter 1410745669
That's where I work!
james.mitchell_ 1421030376
@milkypoo love that sign in the back
milkypoo 1421033640
Right?:-) the black supreme hoodie has a black box logo @mitchell_jamez
eduskatecr 1427423231
Sure beats warming up at moon@light beach with Eli all pissed off at me for driving the Volvo to slow lol
masongallo 1431371184
cody_laing_ 1436901918
aydenlaughlin 1436902027
@cody_laing_ I saw a vid of that getting painted
austynsk8s 1438906226
You Might Not Care If I say this but, Youre a God🙏🏾
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