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Rob Meronek

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Some wacky things going down with @guymariano and big nipple licker at the Bradenton park today. Watch for this on a new episode of #SPoTLife soon.

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Rob Meronek
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beedublee 1367198195
There are so many things I want to say about this, and at the same time I am absolutely speechless.
brandomoser 1367198516
@meronek is that boy tring to lick his tit hope u guys hooked him up for that
ivanthebawse 1367361232
@meronek what time are u sending out the confirmation on the florals... I signed up on foot fetish... Thanks!
meronek 1367375319
@ivanthebawse just ran the random selection and emails were sent, hopefully you got one
ivanthebawse 1367376895
@meronek dang no email :( thanks for the response tho... Ill be out there in the am to see I get lucky w/ sz 11... Ill have on the #rosherun thanks again
kyler_sosa 1367448079
That's me in the braves shirt
ed.templeton 1368835348
Nailing it.
zachery412 1368839153
I can't stop laughing about this...
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