Photo from mccranker

Got that new apple hologram laptop thanks to the good homey that works there in the R and D department. #applehologram

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marcjohnson 1367184506
@mccranker Is that Elton John bring you news of the Rebellion on Endor? Is he singing with the Cantina Band now?
mccranker 1367185982
Yubnub @marcjohnson_
sfdjpirate 1367191101
Hologram skate vids would be epic
derekleroux 1367197057
This is epic... The future is near
dashark_clover 1367222861
obi wan kenobi you're our only hope
eyedealsisgod 1367254018
Cough cough photoshop?
arnaubaldocalvet 1367871452
Just a pic of the screen...
derekleroux 1368124558
@mccranker dude your my skate idol
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