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Shane Oneill

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This board is feeling good! What do you skate?

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Shane Oneill
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jose_shecks 1404371121
8.0 skate mental deck independets spitfire 52 bones bearings and mob grip
chuzzy_simo 1406878097
Cliche 8.1 thunder 147 mainline high spitfire formula four 51 bones Swiss bearings grizzly msa griptape and p rod diamond hardware
jlsdczt 1407434676
242 skateboard 8.25 , independent koston 149 , spitfire 50mm
lucasiizuka1 1409587442
7.9 girl, 52 spitfire, venture 5.0, grizzly grip, bones bearings
thehomiefffreedom 1418210730
8.0 toy machine deck, venture high trucks, spitfire formula 4s wheels
thehomiefffreedom 1418210747
And lucky bearings
skurtboarder 1418419874
8.06 @dgk deck
asa_dachi 1435364837
I skate Skate Mental, they are my favorite. They have mellow concave and great pop.
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