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Jorge Angel

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My future is looking good. Thanks @transworldskate and @caproductions13! #twscut #buildskateboarding

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Jorge Angel
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porpe 1367078859
@batesdynasty Kia Extreme Games is why I am headed there. See you in a few weeks!
batesdynasty 1367078862
Oops, just saw the dates, the beer festival will be over...
phill_oliveira 1367078866
Not working at spot Anymore @porpe ?
batesdynasty 1367079029
Honestly, I've never had time to go for various reasons, but I'll try to make it happen this year to say hey to a fellow Floridian!
porpe 1367079335
That's right I no longer work at spot @phill_oliveira
satanfinger 1367080082
Man, pretty envious of your travel schedule lol
m4nnion 1367085736
Tampa ?
israeladonis 1367100759
See u in ny @porpe
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