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salman_agah Instagram profile picture
Salman Agah
jimthiebaud 1367030385
Rad!! Thanks Sally.
rileygarrettstevens 1367031609
No I will eat this pizza all day! No mellow on the pizza!
desertnoir 1367036699
Flatten the Dough Out!
judheald 1367090857
Lame! I love how you stood up for The Lord back in the day @salman_agah and The Lord used u to inspire me to get on track to proclaim the good news of Jesus. I just want to know what happened? You said in the interview you were going to go in to the mission field. If u met u today then what would u say to u?
salman_agah 1367092005
@judheald as it says in the WORD the truth will set you free! I separated myself from Jesus Inc. and the white mans brand of religion many years ago. And to be perfectly forthright I'm way more interested in surfing than unraveling the mysteries of the universe for myself or others. Hope you are well old friend! #letnotyourheartbetroubled ✌
judheald 1367103526
White mans religion? @salman_agah I'm just interesting in helping spread the light of Christ and the freedom that comes with that. We all need to grow in Him and brotha sometimes we need to check that our freedom doesn't lead people astray. Don't bury your treasure in the field for you have been blessed with quite a stack of talents just want to make sure when he comes he says well done my good and faithful servant.
judheald 1367103732
PS Jesus wasn't white, to the shock of Amercans who see the blond hair blue eyed pics. He would have had brown hair brown eyes do to where he was from.
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