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Ryan Clements

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Hanging in the heart of America, Kansas City, for the wedding of @chadkagy and @thefitz15. It's cold and rainy, but @jennaclements and I are stoked to be here!

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1367019878
I think we'll have a little one meeting date sooner than later @jessikajif!
fotosetbyjames 1367020401
@rtclem Chad posts on some of the same photo forums as I. Cool guy, never met in person.
rtclem 1367020835
It's a small world @fotosetbyjames.
_steezuschrist 1367020860
rtclem 1367022684
That's right @_steezuschrist!
garyream 1367024729
Your an Artist! Just leaving Peru! Talk soon
rtclem 1367025642
Talk soon @garyream!
anthonyfurlong 1367027580
Linking up the world. Lol. Have a good time.
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