Photo from ethanloy

@make_that_booty_clap and @shawnhaleyeah dubs

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jbama52 1367019334
@davisliggan46 that's so something Samuel would do
dakota_servold 1367019475
Looks like @make_that_booty_clap has a new ankle @tumyeto
riosphoto 1367020339
This is SO sick! I live right around the corner from there
lostinthebackwoods 1367069982
Sooooo anyone wondering how the fuck jaws got up there
lostinthebackwoods 1367069998
Kuss i am
noooooahh 1368073918
@ethan_arnold probably Ollied up it but decided to leave his board up there
mageofnights 1376786611
Haha I do that ^^ check it out ~ @mageofnights
are_artura 1377619684
wohooooooooo *speechless
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