Photo from keithhufnagel

@snoopdogg @hufworldwide #tbt #waitwhat

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I order a shirt from the 420 snoop collabo and the shirt has paint stain also has a small tear get back at me !!! @keith_hufnagel
justshav3 1366964642
Damn so fucking G!
laurenluxurious 1367002000
keithhufnagel 1367107223
@yourkillingmesmalls please send an email to shop@hufworldwide.com and it will be taken care of
ryanregann 1367134604
Damn thats tight that @keith_hufnagel actually responded ^ much respect. Makes me want to buy this hat more now.
money.ball 1367265039
@ryanregann if u tag him in pics of u wearin his gear he will like them.
money.ball 1367265050
Happened to me a couple times.
_jacklord_ 1369964715
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