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Ryan Clements

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I share my property with this black snack. He was making himself comfortable in the garage while I was in Brazil. Had to show him his boundaries. #catchandrelease

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1366967853
Because I soft, @justincrash. My hands need to be perfect for flawless keyboard operation.
rtclem 1366967951
I still have a lot of rodents around here @anthonyfurlong!
anthonyfurlong 1367017657
Yea, so imagine if there weren't those homies around to control the population. Hopefully he stays close to keep shit leveled out. ;)
wit_e 1367025918
Rockin Diamond Supply for dirty work... #BougieShit
rtclem 1367026080
Diamond transcends my entire life @wit_e.
wit_e 1367026212
Haha. Let's ride soon.
rtclem 1367026579
Email me @wit_e.
wit_e 1367028567
Just did buddy
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