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Ryan Clements

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15' tall statue of the Patron Saint of Animals, St. Francis, watching over the feral dogs of Foz do Iguacu, Brazil. #stokedtobebackonussoil

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Ryan Clements
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mimiknoop 1366811581
@rtclem Good times!! See you in Spain! 👊
rtclem 1366811814
Yeah @knoopdogg!
yulino 1366814468
I wish we had a patron saint to watch over the stray in the US. You have opened my eyes once again Ryan
scottyb813 1366817057
@rtclem let's skate this weekend
dmetty 1366818639
@rtclem definitely. Barcelona should b fantastic
rtclem 1366820549
Head to KC and get back Sunday night @satansrune813. How's Monday?
scottyb813 1366833714
@rtclem sounds good. Hit me up with some timea
scottyb813 1366833719
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