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Kevin Phelps

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I don't care how much these cost. Im fucking getting one. @woundedkneeleatherco nails it hard. #wallet #nailedit #skatelife #skateboarding #666 #hailsatan #woundedkneeleatherco

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Kevin Phelps
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deerpuncher666 1366682969
@mannddaaaa oh shit that's rad. That guy should have gotten skater of the world haha. Finally started skating handrail because of that dudes part, and read an interview that got me hyped
turntostone 1366683297
That's fucking awesome! He kills it always. Mad talented. I will tell him that hes the reason you started skating rail haha he'll be stoked for sure. You sponsored?
deerpuncher666 1366683577
@mannddaaaa haha that would actually be rad, thanks. But yeah, I'm flow for, darkstar, volcom, dc, autobahn, paradox, hive SkateShop.
turntostone 1366683785
Np. And hell yeah man, I'm surprised I've never seen any of your segments.
deerpuncher666 1366723221
@mannddaaaa i haven't really done much. Best thing I've done was gotten a table of contents page in focus mag. I've been filming for this part for more than a year now for this video called cultureshock, it's gonna come out first week of June, then its off to Cali for good. #cultureshockskate
turntostone 1366725286
Well that's sweet and a lot more than a lot of skaters out there. Haha. You should post the link on here in June, I wanna scope! Cali is the best place to live, socal all day #760
deerpuncher666 1366725720
@mannddaaaa hell yeah, I'll be posting a link for sure around June. Have to sell some DVDs first before it goes online. Cali is the shit for sure, I love newengland, but I miss Cali
Where do u get those there sick!!!
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