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Guess who's on Vine?? #YABOY πŸ‘‰"Frost"πŸ‘ˆ

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kickflip.brad 1367800484
dr.gas710 1367848288
@b_radley23 Fag
dr.gas710 1367848514
Koston is OG n little punks like u need to learn some respect! U be talkin to grown ass men like you're some G you need to know your place! Go take some more pics of yourself u little BITCH! @b_radley23
kickflip.brad 1367883757
i wqs kidding dam dude calm the fuck down he is a badass skater i was kidding you dumbass prick learn to take a joke and hes not an OG hes just a good skater soooo @spaz43v3r
pedrofangueiro 1368406710
kickflip.brad 1371072675
dud he plays around too much and hes to cocky with his tricks so im no idiot and yeah im a real skater haha there is no such thing as a fake skater
kickflip.brad 1371072682
love_4_all_fashion 1371238454
@erickston Hi could you pls kindly advise where in LA I can take my son to skate? Flying in from Miami for his bday surprised. He is turning 17 ;) thank you! Kathywsg@gmail.com, God Bless, Catalea
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