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Lizard King

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Lizard King
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joshbail 1369510179
@ghjhjjbh regardless of the situation man. Losing someone you love and care for is hard
joshbail 1369510502
@bigbizliz stay strong homie and shred for shredder
_sguwop 1370432941
RIP buddy only saw you on weekend buzz R.I.P
victornugget 1373219735
victornugget 1373219931
@ghjhjjbh fuck you
wlrbrts 1374090501
@ghjhjjbh ok so when you were talking about Paris Hilton's dogs being sick and how nobody is sad about that, hmmm, well maybe that's cause NO ONE COULD GIVE LESS OF A FUCK ABOUT PARIS FUCKING HILTON, alright so have some respect and go mind your own god damn business you fuckin pussy
jayrat7 1374506527
A legend never dies. A shredder comes close.
anthonyarr0y0 1375644792
Shredder will be missed
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