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The legend continues!

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blackjosh 1366557933
baldeagle90 1366559956
Emerson's an asshole
boioiob 1366567405
I don't get it
asherrer 1366572799
@boioiob I got off of going a 70 in a 45. Been pulled over 30-35 times only 5 tickets.
um8kmeflutter 1366578118
And if you bring home a ticket your wife is going to KILL you.
boioiob 1366578229
I meant I don't know how you do it! It's your damn baby face. Haha
brandonknowless 1366582452
"Officer I will do ANYTHING! (keeping eye contact through the silence) then the cop slowly tilts his aviators and grins..... @asherrer
jfp84cmu 1366595788
Whitney, got her first ticket today got going nine over on the interstate
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