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Ditching work !!! Have a great night #instafamily and thanks again for all the support πŸ™ and stay motivated ! @coopyskate710 ditch BK air!!

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Daewon Song
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Cool pic
louierodaje 1366989160
Awesome. Action shots are the hardest to capture.
jpgarciask8er 1367104345
sunthursty 1367849446
You inspire me man. Thanks for keeping true to what you do!! @daewon1song
Daewon, this is kyle again. Sorry to bother you but my 24th bday is on May 17th and I just wanted to cordially invite you to the party. And by party I mean skate then play some pool at a close friends. I live in Houston, TX and constantly bug you about skating telge pad with me. Thank you either way. Bring rodney and mike v if possible. <3 you man
daewon1song 1367951075
@cobra_butthole thanks for the invite brotha!!! I'm gonna be in Vegas for my buddy's wedding 17 -20th πŸ‘Š but if anything changes I wanna head your way!! πŸ™ Thanks again
daewon1song 1367951087
@sunthursty πŸ™ thank u so much!!
skate2dae 1369377540
Daewon you are an extremely inspirational skateboarder , one of my biggest wishes is to meet you and my favourite skateboarder and idol RODNEY MULLEN .... Not because you did we'll in skating but because you take skateboarding from being a sport and make it an art ... I thank you and Rodney soooo much for give generations the ability to reach new heights in skateboarding :)
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