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@jimthiebaud style skate session photo. I did some ollies today. I am bringing my board to PT on Wednesday to see if he is down to let me start with some flat ground. He's open to the idea but my back leg is still a lot weaker than my right. Time for a bike ride. @worldindustries

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Andrew Cannon
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fameless__ 1366499015
I think just some cruising and pushing will be premium.
jimthiebaud 1366499629
Great news! Slow and steady. Don't rush. Stationary bike is great.
xavier_ortega_ 1366500950
imrich 1366509767
@andrewcannon666 just wondering what trick did u tear tour acl on? I did mine when i stuck on a frontside noselide.
andrewcannon 1366510180
@imrich this time it just happened over the 7 years I was skating after my first ACL surgery. Not sure if it was one thing or just the way the surgery was done. Hopefully this time I will be good to go though.
imrich 1366511859
@andrewcannon666 o wiw youve been through it once already. You're a beast. Anyways been a fan since time dude. Can't wait to see you shredding again
andrewcannon 1366513739
Thanks a lot @imrich I really appreciate that.
thesidelinemom 1366540727
You're gonna have a great time skating better than ever this summer!! πŸ‘
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