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Goodtimes today filming for @dvsskateboarding @brickharbor !! Thanks @buckdaddyx @thejoeface πŸ‘Š and goodtimes with the rest of the crew!! πŸ“· @leftoversp

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Daewon Song
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daewon1song 1366524102
Hell yeah @iamweeman !!! Good times today πŸ‘Š
hoeniz 1366597769
@goolzshred @dezshredder
hiiskate 1366871996
@daewon1song thats so dope! You should come down here again! What did you think about it?
daewon1song 1366872115
@hiiskate love it !!πŸ‘Š Got kicked put twice tho for no helmet πŸ˜”
hiiskate 1366872867
@daewon1song thats the only dumb thing about that park -.- well its so cool being able to talk to you man thanks for replying it means a lot! Hopefully we can chat again bye :D btw. I saw you at the la cliché premier but i didnt want to bugg you since you were with your friends, But this made up for it hahha thanks
daewon1song 1366873294
@hiiskate πŸ‘Š lets skate soon and that vid was amazing !!! Night brotha
hiiskate 1371928572
@daewon1song yea it was! thats so sick Daniel's pro now. I'm down just let me know when your around 4th ave. i saw your video at the girl warehouse that was sickπŸ‘Œ i went there a couple of weeks ago too. just shoot a text and we can meet up or somethingξ€Ž ill give you my number through a email? drobles97305@yahoo.com
milofwgkta_6 1380000405
Hey @daewon1song I know you get this a lot but you think you can hook me up with some stuff clothes, shoes,skate stuff, etc. I'm a skater trying to make it and I don't have money I have to skate boards till they snap and I would really appreciate if you could dude your like an inspiration to me to skate and my idol. Plz?
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