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Dear Costco, I know everyone has their agency to choose good or evil. How it saddens me to see your fall come to this. I'm afraid I can't overlook this transgression. I feel it would go against all that I believe in to maintain our relationship, so this is me putting up a boundary. And you've crossed it. Regretfully, Rachael. #howmuchisasamsclubcard #dietcokeaddict #dietcokeforlife

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Rachael P
dreadog7 1366402310
Pepsi is gross
smurdox 1366402484
I know... except mine is dp & they don't have that either!
valeriandersen 1366403221
hillarywhalen 1366403317
What?? Really? Lame!!
lisamorley 1366404235
Ummmm... The fist step is admitting you have a problem. Seriously! You are an addict ;-)
angela_dille 1366743483
What?!?!?! I am shocked and appalled. Oh man, I really have no words.
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