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@hufworldwide X @snoopdogg #joecool #waitwhat dropping 4-20-2013

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_the_ch0sen_0ne 1366443466
@sura91 @sphinxkuntus @damonmulligan its up right now and selling out
_the_ch0sen_0ne 1366443511
@ryantokesalot hell yea...i agree, pornstars are more fun lol
sphinxkuntus 1366443600
@_the_ch0sen_0ne Ik and LOL what you mean? People are sleeping on this collab hahaha
_the_ch0sen_0ne 1366443684
@sphinxkuntus well i couldnt give two shits about anything except.the socks lol, i meant the socks are.selling.out
_the_ch0sen_0ne 1366443722
Idk about any of the other stuff
sphinxkuntus 1366445970
sphinxkuntus 1366445984
@_the_ch0sen_0ne Ohh
ktagnyc 1372813969
Lets collab on a sock for the badass chicks !?!? Email me if u r interested in talking ktag.biz@gmail.com 💜⚡🍁
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