Photo from mccranker

"There's a place in my heart for all of my friends Some have stepped out but some check back in" πŸ‘πŸ‘ #kurtvile

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johnstew 1366334778
Builtmore may 11 ! Hopefully see u there
funbetweenyourlegs 1366334816
A little Philly flavor!
thecoopthecoop 1366338591
So good
thisisthestaticage 1366339363
Always figured you had good taste in music
catmilkline 1366341194
This mural is two blocks from my house. You should see the Love Letter series that Espo did in West Philly. Really incredible.
zeegisbreathing 1366343721
#stevepowers is the man! Hell yeah @steveespopowers
ed.templeton 1366347296
@mccranker meet @steveespopowers
msopha 1366347574
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